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The Poliexport Consortium was launched in 1978 as an offshoot of the Employers’ Federation of Macerata to provide member companies – for the most part, SME's – with support in developing worldwide export markets. At present, the Consortium is constituted by a total of 51 companies operating in a number of different industries: footwear, including related items and accessories; food production; furniture and related items; construction and sanitaryware.

  The Consortium functions in effect as an export office, with the capacity to deliver twofold support to its members:

First, it works to resolve specific problems faced by individual member companies, offering them a comprehensive range of services encompassing everything from linguistic provision through market research all the way to assistance in establishing joint-ventures with overseas companies;

Second, it promotes the collective interests of companies within the industries in which its members operate, helping to ensure that export markets across the world are opened up as fully as possible for the benefit of all concerned.

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