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Over the course of its 25 years of activity, the Consortium has demonstrated great flexibility in the ways it has consolidated its working relationships with its members. During this period, the SME sector has embraced radical changes in the marketplace with remarkable dynamism and sensitivity, and the Consortium has responded pro-actively to the evolving needs of its members by continuously updating its services portfolio and delivering ever greater advantages in a sustained effort to provide highly specialized support services.

Following through on a process that had as its starting point the basic activity of exporting finished products, the member companies – having transformed their businesses through ambitious internationalization initiatives – are now in what may be termed the globalization phase. 25 years ago, members hoping to break into overseas markets would typically need no more than relatively low-level linguistic and logistical support. Today, not only are those same members now importing materials, processing them and re-exporting them as finished or semi-finished products, they are also signing high-level international contracts with suppliers and distributors across the world and even entering into innovative joint-ventures with foreign partners.

Such is the nature of the market to which the Consortium is required to cater in the 21st century.

The Consortium represents a valuable forum for its members, a centralized resource facilitating the co-ordination of communal projects that would be beyond the reach of individual members. The Poliexport Consortium helps to orchestrate, promote and support its members in two different ways:

  •   first, it works to resolve specific problems faced by individual member companies, offering them a comprehensive range of services encompassing everything from linguistic provision through market research all the way to assistance in establishing joint-ventures with overseas companies;

     second, it promotes the collective interests of companies within the industries in which its members operate, helping to ensure that export markets across the world are opened up as fully as possible for the benefit of all concerned.


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